What we do

Production at 24 hours a day 7 times a week, with the highest levels of efficiency and shorter downtimes for maintenance. Which all adds up to make our solution more attractive than others.

  • Think Caps

    To obtain the most efficient solution means to start with the right concept and mind set. With Armin Caps we aim to support our customers from the very beginning of product development, support you with the cap design that will match with your bottles as well as reducing your raw material costs. We aim to support our customers down to the highest detail to obtain the greatest customer satisfaction.

  • Shape Caps

    A good cap must efficiently produced, easy to fit and easy to handle upon opening without lack in quality and appliance. Using the most advance and up to date technology we aim to maintain our im- age, with extremely tight tolerances which mean the highest quality control. Innovative cooling proce- dures helps efficiency and solidity of our products to keep our customers confident even in hot climate.

  • Make Caps

    Expect a reliable cap supply at the lowest cost with Armin Caps. In our manufacturing site we produce closures every day around the clock, high precision cameras integrated within the production line con- veyor belt to inspect every single cap produced before the packaging phase. High processing precision guarantees a minimum of rejects without additional costs. When it comes to production we have it all covered.


    We don’t stop when it comes to closure production, we ensure that our customer receives the most forward and direct information in regards to applying our closures on to your bottles. By providing up to date information on the latest technology for cap placement and securing, we aim to be customer- oriented with our passion to deal with your demands. We understand that every customer is individ- ual, when it comes to service and needs.

  • Supply Caps

    Our team is trained and determined to establish a long-term relationship with our customers. To en- sure future business and keep our customers satisfied each member of our sales team is delegated a certain amount of customers, so that when we reach you or you reach us, you will hear a familiar voice.