About us

Armin Caps also known as Armin Plastic Sabz (APS) was established in 1995 as the first and biggest manufacturer of CSD liner plastic closures in Iran. This company is currently known as a pioneer company leading the Iranian market within its industry.

Creditability and highest market share has been established, with its extensive experience inside the industry making it a leading company in the Middle East. In addition to quality closures Armin Caps provides unparalleled customer and technical services. 

Major categories served include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, isotonic sport drinks, teas, malt beverages, dairy, pesticides, liquid oils and automotive fluids etc.

Armin Caps has obtained a series of rewards and standards with in its industry such as, holding the first license of production from the Health Ministry in Iran. Obtaining the first evaluation and acceptance for standards from both the Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo International for its closure grade, design and production, granting it a superior market position.